Stay tunedWe’re pretty excited about a few upcoming articles we have at SEO For Lawyers. First, next week we’ll be publishing an article on the state of the legal profession in 2018. We wrote last year on why attorneys would struggle in 2017. Data from the first three months of this year is showing that, in 2018, the profession has gone from struggling to being in a state of rapid decline. This is due to the fact that the amount of work available to attorneys is declining at an accelerating rate. The good news, and yes I’m being flip, is that the system is still churning out plenty of new lawyers.

We’ll also be featuring Oklahoma City lawyer Travis Charles Smith as our “attorney of the month” for April. Travis’ has built up his practice through regular blogging and is setting a good example of how lawyers can succeed at a time when firms are not doing well. Finally, we’ll be featuring an article from a long-time friend of this blog, Chris Hargraves, on how larger firms can make their associates part of their marketing strategy.

We’re pretty excited about the content we’ll be producing over the next few weeks – stay tuned.