Website Design & SEO For Lawyers

Law firms must have a strong web presence to succeed in today’s competitive world. There is a right way and a wrong way to go about building that web presence. Choosing the right option is critical to your firm’s future success. At SEO For Lawyers we have one goal – to put you in control of your law firm’s future. Our core philosophy is that your digital marketing dollars should be invested into building a web presence which you own outright. Such a presence will provide you a continuous return over time without additional expense. This is different from many other companies who would have lawyers spend money on pay-per-click advertising, directory listings, or other options where, at the end of the day, an attorney does not own the marketing asset. Our attorney website design and search engine optimization services are focused on putting you in control of your future.

Law firm website builders connecting attorneys with clients

Our law firm website design packages focus on building websites containing rich and engaging content while providing a quality user experience. We leverage available data and analytics to ensure that your new website’s content contains the information which will connect you with potential clients and that such information is provided in a way which meets the standards of search engines such as Google and Bing. This approach allows you to pay for content today and then have that content generate phone calls for months, or even years, with no additional expense. You can then increase your revenue without increasing your marketing overhead. This allows you to invest your money into your practice rather than watching it go to a marketing company every month.

They went through prior websites of theirs… to show… what they were going to do to get me on searches. What they showed me and went through… has actually happened. – Attorney Kari Molnar

We understand that many companies promise the world to attorneys. We strive to be different by ensuring that you are the one in ownership of your marketing assets, rather than having you rent ad space from third parties. Doing so puts you in control of your future.

Attorney website design firm focusing on quality content, relevant blogging, and client engagement

Our services revolve around building a website which your potential clients will find elegant but easy to navigate. We will write engaging content which connects with your client base in the way that they wish to be connected with. Your new website will be built with Google’s standards in mind and, as those standards change, your website will be updated accordingly. The practice of law is hectic and you should not be spending your time worrying about a search engine’s algorithms. We focus on attorney website design and search engine optimization so that you may focus on growing your practice. Contact us today to learn more about our services. Visit our law firm marketing and management blog to learn more about developments impacting the legal profession.