Lawyer SEO & Web Design Services

What services does SEO For Lawyers offer?

We build, maintain, and optimize websites for law firms of all sizes. These services can include construction of a lawyer’s website, ongoing maintenance, the creation of blog content, and ensuring that the site meets Google’s SEO standards. We also assist with the creation of video as well as online reputation management so that more of your web visitors become clients.

What makes you different?

First, other companies would have attorneys rent ad space through pay-per-click ads or directory listings. We are different in that we will help you to invest in quality web content. This allows for a greater return on investment over time as you own the content outright. In short, we help you take control of your future by giving you ownership of your marketing assets.

Second, we only employ individuals with a J.D. to write content on behalf of law firms. This is different from many other companies, who have no such requirement.

How much are your services?

We offer three tiers of service to lawyers and law firms. The first tier involves our building a website for your law firm in exchange for a one-time fee. The second tier includes the construction, ongoing technical maintenance, and SEO of a medium sized website in addition to monthly blogging, and other consulting services. Our third tier of service involves a larger website and a different plan for your monthly blogging. Our second and third tiers of service are provided for a monthly fee. They do not require up front costs or “build out” fees.

Do You Obtain Results?

We are proud of the fact that we have helped attorneys and law firms escape large monthly costs which they were paying for the maintenance of their websites and other marketing. These lawyers have seen increases in their web traffic while simultaneously decreasing their overhead.

SEO For Lawyers is a company devoted to helping attorneys grow their online presence. We are different from other companies in that we help you to invest in your future as opposed to having you spend money to rent ad space from third-parties. Rather than having you put money into directory listings or pay-per-click advertising, we believe that your hard earned revenue should be invested into marketing assets which provide a continuous return and which you own outright. This approach allows you to increase your revenue while also decreasing your overhead. We are proud of the fact that many of our clients have been with us long-term and that they have improved their practice without increasing the money they pay out for advertising each month.

Here are just a few examples of our work:

Our approach is simple. We believe that you should invest your money into web-based assets which will continue to do well in search long after they have been placed on your website. This allows you to acquire a blog post, video, or other piece of content today and for that asset to bring you clients one, two, or even three years from now without spending more money on it. This is different from services that would have you simply rent online ad space in one form or another. We have been assisting attorneys with their online marketing since 2013 and we have many clients who have been with us long-term. We adhere to the highest standards in our business and we only employ individuals with a J.D. to write on the behalf of law firms. Contact SEO For Lawyers today to learn how we may be of assistance.

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