This post kicks off a new series discussing how to market a law firm in 2015. I’m writing on this topic because legal marketing has changed more in the last twenty-five years than it had in the previous five hundred. In spite of this change, many lawyers are still stuck in the past (even though many don’t think they are). In other words, an overwhelming majority of lawyers are still following a marketing strategy developed centuries ago by a dude who looked like this:

Judge with law books

Well, call me silly but that’s not who I’m looking to for business advice. The truth is that, for most lawyers, it’s time to conduct a little exercise. First, I want you to take a piece of parchment and your quill pen. Second, I want you to write down everything you do to market your firm. Next, I want you to take said parchment and do this with it:

Shredding a paper

Not sure how well parchment actually shreds, but we’ll see. While I may be sounding a tad dramatic, the truth is that the legal profession is struggling. Making sure that one doesn’t struggle is, for most, going to require drastic change.

I’ll be discussing a number of topics over my coming posts. Topics I’ll cover will include:

  • Where law firm marketing has traditionally been and where it is currently
  • Where attorney marketing is going in the near future
  • What it’s going to take to be successful going forward

The first two of these topics are highly important to understand. Attorney marketing is just now entering what I consider to be it’s “third phase” and an increasing number of lawyers and law firms are going to quickly be left behind. Understanding this change may be crucial to the future of your practice. The last topic, what it will take to be successful, is going to take a few posts. I’ll be looking at issues such as web content, using social media, managing your online reputation, and conversions. Stay tuned.