Gmail logoThis is going to be a short post on how attorneys using Gmail can save themselves some time. I’ve previously written on why lawyers should use Gmail over the desktop version of Outlook. Since I wrote that article I’ve received quite a few comments from attorneys, who made the switch, and they felt as if they had gone from driving a beat up ’76 Pinto to a new Corvette. I’m going to use this post to discuss three quick tips for Gmail users who wish to be more efficient. If you’re a fan of inefficiency then you may want to stop reading this article now.

Lawyers using Gmail should enable the “priority inbox” feature

I started using priority since it debuted in 2010. In a nutshell, it places the messages which you are more likely to read and/or respond to in a separate section at the top of your inbox. To say that I’ve found this to be a huge time-saver is an understatement. By having emails I care about separated by the ones I don’t, I’m able to quickly get through the important messages first. Rather than giving you lengthy description of the feature, I’d suggest that you watch Google’s video on it:

One key thing to remember is that the service gets smarter as you use it. Just go about your email as normal and, over short period of time, you’ll see the system’s predictions of what is and what is not important, greatly improve.

Attorneys can easily create a paperless correspondence system by linking Gmail to Evernote

I’ve previously written, at length, about how attorneys can create a paperless office with Evernote. I won’t re-hash that article here. I’d suggest you give it a gander. The setup is easy. It keeps you from ever printing an email and, most importantly, it makes finding old correspondence incredibly easy.

Lawyers can work faster by making phone calls through Gmail

Do you use the voice calling feature in Gmail? No? All I can say is………wow.

Think of how much of your day you spend switching between applications, picking up the phone, etc. You spend significant time in your email. You read a message and realize you need to call good ol’ Bob. You probably do so by leaving your email, going to your contact manager, and then picking up the phone to call him. Way to many steps. It’s much more simple to hit the “call” button in the lower left hand corner of your Gmail inbox, type in Bob’s name, and hit call. You never leave your inbox to do so.

Calling through your inbox will be done through the computer’s speaker and internal microphone. If you don’t want to make your calls over the speaker then simply sync up a blue tooth headset to your computer and that problem is solved.

You’d be shocked at how much time you waste going through an inefficient, chronologically based, inbox. You’re also wasting time dinking around with paper correspondence files or using email search functions not as advanced as Evernote. Finally, you’ll save a lot more time than you realize by staying in your email window to call people. These time savings equal more profits as you cut down on those bank account draining administrative hours.

Want to save time and, in turn, make more money? Implement the tips above. If you don’t like prosperity then keep on truckin’ down the current path.