clicking share buttonThis post wraps up my discussion on how attorneys can better leverage social media in 2015. I’ve looked at a number of subjects over my last few posts and stressed some common themes. I wrote this series because a) social media is fluid and there are new things to consider in 2015 and b) having a valid social presence is crucial for your law firm to succeed. Do most attorneys recognize the need for social media? Yep. Do most go about it incorrectly? Yep. Should you see the error of others as your opportunity? Yep. Now it’s on you to go about things – the right way.

I’ve looked at a number of topics over my last few articles. Subjects I’ve looked at included:

One thing I stressed through each of these posts is the “social” part of social media. These platforms are not a place for you to simply drop links to your website. What these services present is, instead, a way for you to scale out your practice in a way which hasn’t previously been available for law firms. Want to brand your firm in a way which used to require expensive billboards, television ads, etc? Facebook is the place to do it. Want to get the benefits of a large referral base without spending your time at networking events, giving presentations etc? LinkedIn is an amazing tool for doing so. Obtaining these effects, however, require you to interact with each other. Success on these websites means showing interest in what others are saying and not just taking an attitude of “look what I have to say!” Why will most attorneys continue to strike out on social media? Because they’ll continue to take the latter of these approaches.

The good news is that, for those of you who choose to “do it right,” there is an amazing opportunity out there. One thing I stressed throughout my series on why the legal profession is struggling is the fact that, going forward, a disproportionate share of law firm profits are going to be sucked up by a very small number of attorneys. Those guys will be looking like this:

business man hug money

While many others will be looking like this:

Homeless man in a suit

Who will be looking like the poor chap in the second photo? Those who continue to “think like a lawyer” and follow the same strategies that attorneys have been following since…….well……forever. Which one will you be?