Attorney discovering SEOThis is a short, short, short (short) article that I decided to write due to some things I’ve seen an been told over the last week. The things I’m referring to, which I’ll talk about momentarily, stress a point I’ve made previously – that point being what it is attorneys should look for in a web developer. As I’ve written previously, lawyers should hire web designers and consultants who know how to market on the web.

In the last week I’ve seen quite a few stories on social media regarding Scorpion Web Design sending a tin of cookies to law firms. During this same time I’ve also seen AVVO attempting to market their directory product through television advertising. When considering whether to retain a company it’s important to look at how you came into contact with them. If a provider can’t reach their potential customers/users through the internet then it begs the question of how they will be able to connect to your customers/users through the web. In short, this is something you should consider when choosing a provider.

If you’re reading this article then you found our website rather than receiving a cold call or seeing a television ad. Just food for thought.