I get asked quite a few about software which may help attorneys be more efficient in their practice. I’ve previously written on how Windows 8 can be made more useful for lawyers and I’ve discussed why I find Gmail to better than the desktop version of Outlook. With the next version of Windows coming on July 29th, 2015 there are a few issues which warrant a good ol’ throw-down to see how some new offerings from Microsoft stack up in terms of getting work done.

I’ve been running the developer’s preview of Windows 10 on one of my computers for a little while now. I certainly think attorneys will prefer it over Windows 8. Given that most law firms are still running Windows 7 (or even the unsupported XP), it’s certainly time for an upgrade; most firms stuck with Windows 7 due to the unpopular nature of the current version of Windows – frustrations with the software left many looking like this:

computer frustration


The good news is that, if you’re running Windows 7 or Windows 8, then the upgrade to the upcoming version will be free of charge.

Between now and the end of August, 2015 I’ll be running entirely Microsoft products and software to the extent possible. My Chromebook and Android phone are getting put in a drawer in favor of a Windows two-in-one and a mid-level Windows phone. I’ll be using Outlook.com as my primary email client along with other Microsoft products for other functions. At the end of the six weeks I’ll offer my thoughts on whether the “new” Windows experience is a good option for law firms. The important thing, of course, will be the analysis of whether the new software will allow you to be more efficient.

Let the challenge begin!