Magnifying glass over the word auditWe’re 60 percent of the way there. On day 17 we discussed that the best way for law firms to manage crisis situations is to keep them from happening in the first place. Today we’re going to keep with our discussion of improving efficiency, which increases profits, by scheduling periodic “administrative days” in your office. Investing one day to getting those nagging tasks completed will save you from spending a few weeks on lost efficiency. Let the auditing commence.

Attorneys can increase efficiency by auditing their administrative functions every six months

In my practice I scheduled an administrative day once every six months. We held it on a Saturday as trying to catch up, when normal work is going on, defeats the purpose for obvious reasons. These six month audits were necessary for two reasons. First, over the course of times things such as your computer’s file system will start to get disorganized and messy. Second, there are always going to be administrative tasks in your office which need to get done but have a way of falling behind. Here are some examples:

  • We had a policy that old files would be scanned and shredded to save space and reduce clutter. Our file clerk/runner was obviously busy with other things and over time the number of files which needed to be scanned began to stack up.
  • Think of how often you say to yourself “I wish we had a form for this. I’m going to create one.” The form has yet to be created.
  •  Organizing areas such as file rooms in your office so things can be more easily located.

Taking one day, every six months or so, to “catch up” on various administrative tasks will be one of the best time investments you can make. It’s time to start thinking of the administrative type tasks you’ve wanted to get done and to schedule a Saturday to make sure they get completed.

Day 18 action items for attorneys wishing to increase profits

Today’s action item is simple, but essential:

  • Make a list of outstanding administrative tasks that need to be completed in your office
  • Schedule a Saturday when you and all of your employees will be working to complete these tasks
  • Repeat this process every six months

Efficiency is key to profitability and if you don’t regularly audit and update your operations in this manner then you’re going to struggle.