Woman analyzing dataThis is the next post in my discussion on how attorneys can effectively market themselves in 2017 and beyond. My last article looked at how attorneys can get more online client reviews. It is absolutely crucial to understand that spending more money on marketing really isn’t worth it unless you have a good bank of reviews; a good online reputation is necessary for converting clicks into phone calls. In my humble opinion, attorneys who continue to ignore their online reputations are on a one-way trip to the Bankruptcy Court. In this brief article I will discuss how you must leverage your website’s analytics in the creation of blog content and video.

I discussed how attorneys can leverage video as part of my 30 days to a better law firm series. In this post I’ll lay out how to use videos in conjunction with your blog. Before I do, however, let’s look at a few things. First, an overwhelming majority of attorneys don’t blog. This means that by simply making an effort you will take a giant leap ahead of your competition. Second, of the many attorneys who do actively maintain their blog, most go about it incorrectly. Too often a lawyer will simply pull topics out of thin air and start writing on them. Maybe people will be interested in those topics and maybe they won’t. Simply taking a guess is like putting on a blindfold, throwing a dart at a board, and hoping you hit the bulls eye. Leveraging your data, however, provides you with a better way.

After you’ve been updating your blog for a while then it’s time to look at your site’s analytics. Specifically, take a look at the pages people are landing on in organic search. You’ll notice that some pages are more popular than others. Say you’re a criminal defense attorney and you have an article on “the penalties for domestic violence” and you see it’s getting a lot of traffic. Also, say you have an article on “defending against misdemeanor charges” and it’s not getting much traffic. You should use this as a signal that there is a lot of interest in domestic violence defense related searches but not so much in regards to misdemeanor related searches. Take this signal and run with it – under this hypothetical you would devote more of your blogging to domestic violence defense and less to misdemeanors. Every ninety days or so you should re-evaluate your analytics and determine the areas on which you should be focusing your blogging.

Your law firm’s website analytics also will help you with a good video strategy. Have you ever noticed how many law firms shoot a lot of video but those videos hardly ever get viewed? That happens quite a bit. The reason why those video efforts don’t pay off is because, as with blogging, attorneys are simply pulling topics out of thin air. Instead of grasping at straws consider the following approach. First, look at your analytics over the last 90 days. Determine which three of your blog posts have received the most organic traffic (regardless of their age). Now shoot three short videos – each one corresponding to a topic of the blog posts. Insert these videos into the blog posts. You’ll see that these videos will get high view rates as they will be viewed by people reading your articles. In turn, people who read your articles will be more likely to pick up the phone and call your office after having watched the videos. Now repeat this process every 90 days, always choosing the three highest trafficked posts that don’t yet have videos.

The above approach is something we advocate to clients of our attorney website design services. This method has a good track record and should be adopted by law firms that want to be successful as the market continues to decline.

Why do you feel attorneys don’t leverage their analytics? Please chime in through the comment form below.