This is the next article in my discussion on how lawyers can get more out of G Suite. The last rant discussion in my manifesto series discussed how attorneys can use Google Keep to get rid of post-it notes. Keep is a great tool for discovering the desk that you have hidden underneath all of those sticky notes. In this short article I’ll mention something that can take your productivity to the next level – leveraging the G Suite Marketplace. Using the marketplace to discover business friendly apps can result in a cranking up of your productivity which looks like this:

Increased production

The increase in your productivity will, in turn, result in you, your associates, and your staff looking like these fine folks:

happy group

Let’s get to it.

The G Suite Marketplace can be thought of as the App Store for those who use Google’s productivity software. You can access the store through your Google account by clicking the menu icon in the upper right hand corner. Once the menu is open simply scroll to the bottom of the menu and click “More from the Apps Marketplace.” You can also access the store through this link.  The store offers apps in broad range of categories and there are numerous offerings which can be beneficial to a law firm. The big thing about the apps in the marketplace is that they integrate tightly with G Suite itself. By “integrate tightly” I mean that they work so well inside of G Suite that you’ll think many of them are just a native feature of Gmail, Google Docs, etc. This tight integration reduces time spent switching between apps as well as other inefficiencies. This increased efficiency, in turn, makes your firm more profitable.

I’ll let you explore the marketplace for yourself to decide which apps you think may be good for your firm. Two that I strongly, strongly, strongly (strongly) suggest are CoContacts and DocHub. CoContacts allows you to create a shared contact folder with those in your firm. This means that someone can enter or edit a contact within that folder (from their PC, phone, or anywhere with an internet connection) and that the change is automatically synced to everyone’s contacts. No more sync errors, etc. DocHub allows you to sign or edit PDF documents from directly within Gmail. This is a frickin’ awesome tool. Whenever someone emails you something that needs your signature simply click on the attachment. A preview of the attachment will open and, above the preview, you’ll have an “open with” option. Choose to open the document with DocHub. Then you can sign it and download the signed copy. This means that whenever someone sends you something to sign then you are completing the task without ever leaving your email. I can’t begin to tell you how much time this saves and, more importantly, I honestly can’t remember the last time we printed a piece of paper out just to sign it. CoContacts and DocHub are two must have apps in the marketplace.

Take a stroll through the marketplace and decide which apps work best for you. As I mentioned in my series on how attorneys can leverage G Suite, I suggest using Harvest for billing/timekeeping, ToDoist for task management, and Quickbooks online for accounting. When setting up Quickbooks Online make sure you link it to your Google account. That will allow for your clients to be imported directly from your contacts.

Have you installed any apps from the G Suite Marketplace? If so, which ones are you using? Please chime in through the comment form below.