Telephone sales person placing a cold callThis is the next post in my series on which web developer attorneys should choose in 2015. My last post looked at whether lawyers should use AVVO to build their website. I’ve also looked at whether Justia is a good web design option for law firms as well as whether attorneys should utilize the services of Scorpion Web Design. I wanted to take a minute to discuss something that I’ve noticed in recent weeks – the fact that many attorney website developers are trying to market themselves through avenues other than the web. This got the rusty wheels between my ears turning and made me decide to write the instant rant article.

Over the last few weeks I’ve spoken with attorneys who told me they had been cold called by Scorpion in regards to website services and AVVO in regards to the buying of directory placements. This made me think of when I was a kid and my grandfather told me why he would never trust a stock broker to invest his money for him. His philosophy was pretty simple – he figured if the broker really knew how to make money in the market he would be off doing so instead of working for somebody. The fact that web marketing companies are cold calling people begs a similar question – if they’re good at marketing online then why do they have to cold call? If someone cold calls your firm and says “let me help you with online marketing” you need to ask yourself two questions 1) why haven’t you already considered them as an option when evaluating how to best market your firm online and 2) if you have considered such a company then why weren’t they able to seal the deal, and get you as a client, through their web approach. If they’re unable to get your attention and convert you into a client, through their web approach, then you really don’t have much reason to think they can help you do so with your potential clients.

There’s two big things which a company needs to do to connect with customers. These two things exist whether you’re an attorney trying to attract potential clients, a web company trying attract law firms, or any other service trying to get customers. You need to have a web presence which 1) provides people with the information they want to see rather than the information you want them to see and 2) you need to provide them that information through the way in which they want to digest it rather than the way in which you want them to digest it. Doing these things will connect you to people looking for said information and make them likely to call. If, for example, a potential client is online trying to research their situation and you’ve written useful blog articles that address their problem then…..guess what? They’ll pick up the phone and call. A lot of attorneys need help and guidance in generating content that is going to meaningfully connect with their potential client base. If a web developer/SEO consultant/marketing consultant can’t figure out how to connect with his or her customers then what reason do you have to think that they’re going to be able to help you connect with yours? Yes, that’s a rhetorical question. I’d suggest thinking twice about a web consultant/designer that has to cold call people to get customers.