Sign that says oopsThis is the next post in my series on how attorneys can build backlinks – the right way. My last discussion looked at how law firms can get links by giving away a free product or service. In this article I’m going to talk about three big mistakes I see law firms making, which are costing them links, and why you can jump ahead in the game by making these changes.

Before I dive into the three things to look at on your website it’s important to remember one thing – these changes are really simple to implement. In spite of that, most lawyers and law firms will continue to make these mistakes. It’s really quite simple – if you want more clients then correct these errors.

Attorneys cost themselves backlinks by not making their blog content easy to find

I come across many attorney sites which are missing both a navigation tab leading to their blog as well as a clear list of blog topics/categories on their site. This is a big snafu. I’ve discussed in this series both how attorneys can build links by blogging on important topics as well as the value of using one’s blog to discuss current events. This is the type of content which many will want to share with their readers/followers/customers through a link. If you don’t make this content stand out on your site then those people, who may link to you, aren’t going to find it in the first place. If they do happen to find a post that interests them then adding improved navigation makes finding additional posts that much easier.

If your readers can’t find things then they’re going to feel as lost as this guy:

Lost man looking at map


The fix for this is simple. Have a clear “blog” tab/link in your navigation. Also, there should be a list of blog topics/categories that readily stand out on each page.

Law Firms err by not including a “related posts” section at the bottom of their blog articles

Ever read something interesting and said “I would like more information on that topic?” Isn’t it nice when the material’s source makes that additional information readily available for you? Well people coming to your blog, who find the information useful, will be more likely to link to you if you show them you have a wealth of information on the same topic as the discussion they just found useful. Adding a “related articles” section to the bottom of each post, which shows additional discussions on the same topic, will go a long a long way towards endearing you to potential back-linkers. Once you have a decent body of blog posts on your site then add this feature.

Ignoring one’s website traffic reports will cost them backlinks

Do you track which content on your site is the most popular or do you just look at your raw traffic numbers? If you’re like most lawyers, and website owners in general, then you make the mistake of doing the latter. Take a look at what your most popular content on your site has been, over the last six months to a year, and you’ll probably see that a large amount of your traffic has gone to a small number of your posts. These are the topics you should devote some additional blogging effort to. Regularly blogging on high-traffic topics will go a long way towards building backlinks for several reasons and not paying this level of attention to your reports is a mistake.

If you want to get more backlinks then, again, make the corrections above. You have a great chance here to stay ahead of your competition because many attorneys will ignore these steps.