Mouse pointer clicking on the word "strategy"This is the first post in a series on why .Lawyer and .Attorney domains will matter in your firm’s marketing strategy. These new domains have just recently become available and we, to be frank, have been surprised at how much attorneys don’t seem to be recognizing their significance. The discussions we’ve had with lawyers on the subject prompted us to kick off this series.

Several new top level domains (TLD’s) became available in October of 2014. TLD’s are the letters that appear at the end of a website’s url. Examples include .com, .info, .net, etc. Two of the new TLD’s that became available are .attorney and .lawyer. Additional TLD’s which impact law firm marketing, such as .law, will be available in the coming months. If you haven’t started locking up domains that you may wish to use in your practice then you should do so immediately.

The new domain extensions are going to impact search in a big way. We’ll be discussing how search is going to change over our next few posts. Topics we’ll look at will include:

  • How a wider range of domains will impact search due to better website categorization
  • The fact that new website extensions will allow Google to better determine “identity” on the web
  • Why those who feel that these domains won’t matter are wrong due to their failing to understand the evolving nature of search
  • How to go about picking a domain for your law firm
  • How the new .attorney and .lawyer domains will impact firms that already have an existing website

If you haven’t looked into buying domains for your firm then do so now.

The high percentage of lawyers who aren’t seeing the value of these new TLD’s came as a bit of a surprise to us. This appears to be largely due to attorneys being told, by their marketing consultants, that these new domains aren’t going to matter in search. Well, Dear Attorneys, no disrespect intended to your marketing consultants but they’re wrong on this issue. We see this as one of the biggest developments in web marketing since Google launched in the late 1990’s. As this blog series progresses we’re confident you’ll see why.

Why do you feel that so many lawyers are ignoring the value of these new TLD’s? Please chime in through the contact form below.