I’m excited that in early February we’ll be doing a collaborative series with John Skiba of jdblogger.com. Our discussion will be looking at why many attorneys are struggling, issues which will be create future struggles for the legal profession, and what you can do to be successful in a changing future. I wrote about the struggling legal profession in 2015. I feel this upcoming series is critical because, to be blunt, the hard times are intensifying for many lawyers. For reasons our upcoming discussion will be addressing, these hard times are going to be getting much harder in 2017 and over the next few years. These hard times will leave many attorneys looking like this:

Computer with help sign

While those who go about things the right way can wind up looking like this:

Businessman with money

The most important things for attorneys to realize is that change is upon them. One can either adapt to the changing environment or go out of business. Stay tuned – our series on the state of the legal profession will be out in early February.