This post concludes and wraps up my series that served as a basic guide to understanding law firm SEO. I wrote on this issue due to the fact that attorneys get many phone calls from companies who promise the world but end up delivering zilch. My goal in writing these posts was to provide a basic overview of what it is search engines are looking for and how your firm can go about picking the right web developer. If you go about things the right way then you can wind up looking like this:

Man holding money

While your competitors wind up looking like this:

Man hiding under laptop

Hopefully you decide to look like the former and not the latter.

I addressed multiple points over my last few posts. Issues that I looked at included why SEO is important for law firms, an explanation of law firm search engine optimization, and I also included an article which discussed both SEO practices which law firms should avoid and tips for hiring a web developer. One more point I would add to these discussions is the importance of pursuing a strategy in which you will own your marketing assets as opposed to taking a path which only leaves you renting ad space from third parties.

If you follow this blog regularly then you know I often rant about discuss the need to invest in items which you will own rather than spending money on third-party ads. An example of this would be building up your own blog as opposed to using pay-per-click marketing. I broke down the math of why you should develop your own blog in my article on why attorneys should avoid pay-per-click. When you are interviewing potential web developers then it is crucial that you listen closely to what they are saying. If their plan for growing your firm includes you spending money on third party ads then, in my opinion, you should go running for the hills. Instead, your money should be going into assets and content which you will own outright.

Law firms will increasingly find themselves struggling in today’s world, as I wrote in my discussion on why there will be fewer law firms at the end of 2017. Focusing on the right strategy is going to be crucial to your firm’s success.