This wraps up my discussion on what I consider to be the “truth” about PPC for lawyers and law firms. I decided to rant about write about this topic due to the fact that, to be blunt, I feel a significant number of attorneys are being taken for a ride by online marketing companies. In my humble opinion, as someone who took a law practice from their living room to seven figures of revenue in four years, I just don’t see how pay-per-click managers are providing any real value to their clients. I think that at the end of the day such “managers” wind up looking like this:

Man pulling in money

While the attorneys wind up looking like this poor chap:

Man looking at empty pockets

Personally, I don’t care for that arrangement.

I looked at a few different topics over the course of this discussion. My points included:

The biggest issue I have with companies that provide this service for law firms, again, is that I just don’t see how they’re providing much value. If you sign up for a Google Adwords account then Google’s support reps will help you set everything up. This includes setting up parameters for your campaign and assisting you with setting up tracking. Once the account and campaign are both set up then there’s actually not that much which goes into managing it (besides large fees to the managers). The main reasons why we don’t offer pay-per-click management to our clients is simple – we wouldn’t be providing them with value in our opinion.

The economics of legal practice are rapidly changing. As attorneys continue to struggle I expect that we’ll see those, who are reliant on PPC, getting hit the hardest. If you want to get ahead then it’s important that you invest in your own marketing assets and that you focus on conversions, as I stressed in this series.