Elise Holtzman of The Lawyer’s Edge will be holding a workshop this Wednesday for those looking to grow their practice in a sustainable way. Elise was our featured attorney for May of 2015 and we feel that many firms, large, medium, or small can benefit from her advice. Topics she’ll be addressing include:

  • The BIG Mindset Shift you need to make if you’re serious about maximizing the sustainability and profitability of your law practice.
  • The Fastest and Easiest Way to stand out from a crowded marketplace of lawyers.
  • The #1 Thing You Must Do to increase the number of prospective client calls that result in paying clients.
  • The Best Way to Minimize “Feast or Famine” Syndrome so you aren’t crazy-busy one month and scrambling to find clients the next.
  • How to Stay Motivated and consistently take inspired action, even when you don’t feel like it.

Sign up for the workshop through this link (sign up). Best of luck!