Downward trendThis kicks off what will be a series discussing the state of the legal profession now that we are halfway through 2017. Earlier this year I wrote on why many law firms will fail in the near future. Since I wrote those posts there have been some developments which warrant a “check in” and, since we’re half way through the year, this seems like the perfect time to do so. Topics I’ll be looking at include actions by the ABA which, in my humble opinion, are highly detrimental to attorneys. I’ll also look at some actions by particular State Bars which show that the legal profession is about to be turned upside down and that Bar Associations are going about the coming disruption in all the wrong ways. My third substantive article in this series will show that demand for legal services is rapidly, rapidly, rapidly (rapidly) dropping. If you recognize the need to run your practice as a business, something that most attorneys fail to do, then you’ll want to read my coming articles.