This wraps up my discussion on the state of law firm marketing in 2015. I decided to write the last several posts because, as many know, a large number of attorneys aren’t doing well in their business. As I discussed in my article on why the legal profession is struggling, the amount of work available for lawyers is decreasing why the number of lawyers is increasing. This, in turn, has placed many attorneys in free fall just like this guy:

Man in suit falling

The good news, for those who “get it,” is that today’s state of legal marketing creates enormous opportunity. For those who wish to move in the right direction the days are looking a lot like this:

silver lining

I’m assuming you would rather be finding the silver lining in the cloud than falling without a parachute.

I discussed a number of topics over my last few articles. Subjects I looked at included:

The main point I’ve hoped to stress, throughout these posts, is that being successful in today’s economy will 1) require an active involvement in how you market your firm; you won’t be simply writing a check to “the marketing guy” anymore, and 2) you have have to make customer service a huge, huge, huge, huge, huge (rather huge) aspect of your practice. By customer service I mean timely returning phone calls, timely responding to emails, and giving your clients regular status updates on their cases. If you want to be successful then these things are mandatory. If you don’t want to be successful then………..more power to ‘ya!

The good news for you is that this is a time of tremendous opportunity. This is due to the fact that all lawyers could do what it takes to succeed, but many simply won’t. The fact that you’re reading a blog like this shows that you’re already one step ahead of the competition – you’re taking time to consider what it takes to be successful. The next, and very big, step is to execute. That part I can’t help you with.

If you choose to execute then this photo will hold true:

Motivational image

If you choose not to then the person responsible for your eventual failure is staring at you in the mirror. It’s up to you.