Person using multiple devicesYour firm’s IT infrastructure is crucial to your profitability. You need reliable solutions for your email, calendaring, contact management, etc. Such solutions also need to seamlessly share and sync information between any computer you’re using as well as your mobile devices. Just as important is the fact that you need to avoid down-time, having to constantly call the “IT Guy,” and you need to not pay excessive costs for your required functionality. At SEO For Lawyers, we suggest that attorneys use the cloud based applications available from Google through G Suite. These are the tools we use in our own business and we assist attorneys with deploying these tools in their practice. You may sign up for G Suite through the link below. If you require assistance with migrating your practice over to Google’s software offerings, then contact us online or by telephone for assistance.

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An efficient cloud solution to law firm email, calendaring, document storage, and more

The saying that “time is money” is especially true for law firms. Attorneys, after all, generate revenue by expending time on behalf of their clients. By migrating your firm’s infrastructure to Google’s cloud solutions, you eliminate downtime and receive software solutions which “just work.” A few of the features included in this offering are:

  • The use of Gmail with your law firm’s domain – you will receive the familiar interface of Gmail, along with all of its functionality, and will retain use of your law firm’s domain.
  • Easy appointment tracking and schedule sharing through Google calendar
  • The seamless sharing of contacts and email regardless of which device you are using
  • Document storage through Google Drive
  • Etc.

For more information on the efficiency gains you can realize, from migrating to G Suite, please peruse the articles linked to below:

Switching to G Suite can greatly reduce your law firm’s costs

Law firms often spend large sums of money on their IT infrastructure. These costs include the purchase price of software and, too often, large payments to an IT professional. To make matters worse, additional fees are typically paid to the “IT guy” every time something is not working properly. Switching to G Suite prevents those large expenditures while simultaneously ensuring that you are always running the most recent version of Google’s services. For a relatively small monthly subscription fee, you can free yourself from large up-front costs, from costly calls to a technical professional, and from all of the downtime associated with upgrades or technical problems. This reduction in costs, along with increases in efficiency, can boost your firm’s bottom line.

Contact us today for assistance with deploying G Suite in your law firm. You may also sign up for Google’s services, directly, through this link.