This is a quick recap of my series on how to increase law firm profits in this new year. I decided to write on the topic because many begin a new calendar with high expectations on how they can get their practice rolling. The thing is, however, I speak with quite a few lawyers who don’t necessarily stop to consider that the biggest gains can be had from some of the littlest things. Implementing some minor changes can make your firm’s cash register look like this:

Cash register

Now it’s important that you make those changes.

Issues I looked at over the course of this series included:

One may not think that their level of client service is so important to the bottom line. The fact of the matter, however, is that there is nothing you can do which will boost profits as quickly as upping your client service game. The key to making big $$$ is not just to provide better service than most law firms (which isn’t hard). It’s to provide extraordinary service. Doing so will get your firm rolling in the right direction and keep you there.

Why do you feel so many attorneys don’t see the connection between customer service and profits? Please chime in through the comment form below.