2014 is closing out. Given that this is going to the year’s last full work week for most people we thought it would be a good time to look at what was popular on our site over the course of this fine year. Today is going to recap what has been popular in terms of software and productivity. Tomorrow we’ll look at what discussions attorneys have been interested in regards to law firm website design.

We greatly appreciate you, our readers, and strive to bring you the content that you find helpful. Below are some of the technology topics that proved popular this year. Hopefully these discussions helped increase your productivity and got you looking like this guy:

Man holding sign which says efficiency

What type of technology/productivity discussions would like to see on our blog in 2015? Here are a few of our more popular posts from this year:

1. Increasing Efficiency By Reducing Clutter – This was written as part of out 30 days to a better law firm series and lightly touched on how lawyers can use Evernote to make their office more organized. This post proved so popular that we decided to write more on the topic. The latter discussions looked at how lawyers can go paper free with Evernote as well as how Evernote can replace a law firm’s case management software. Let’s face it, many law firms struggle with organization. Evernote is a great tool for getting on track in that regard.

2. Using Gmail rather than Outlook – This is a topic that people looked at quite a bit on our site. I wrote on why lawyers should switch to Gmail and provided tips to make Gmail better than Outlook. This is a big way to boost productivity in my opinion. Are you still using Outlook in your practice? Are you making the switch in 2015?

3. Getting Your Information Flowing – Also a part of our 30 day challenge, this post looked at how bloated the IT infrastructure tends to be a law office and began taking steps to cut down on that bloat. Lawyers can save time and increase profits by streamlining their tech setup. This post began that discussion by helping attorneys switch to, and maximize their use of, Google Apps.

4. Four Steps For Making Your Data Secure – Most lawyers think their cyber security is great and then their bubble bursts when they find out how bad it really is. This is an important issue, especially when you consider all the high profile hacks we seem to hear about on a daily basis. Our discussion on four ways to secure law firm data proved quite popular this year.

What technology discussions would you like to see on our blog in 2015? Please chime in through the comment form below.