Attorney discovering SEOThis is the next post in our recap of 2014. I wrote quite a few posts on attorney web design this year and many proved to be popular. I offered up my reviews of various website companies with attorneys as well as several posts on how lawyers can get more from their websites. Here are some of the more popular posts from 2014 on this topics:

1. Should attorneys use Scorpion Web Design – My review of Scorpion’s services wound up being our most popular post of the year. Here’s the review of services offered by Scorpion Web Design.

2. Should attorneys use Findlaw websites – This was another popular topic and was actually our second most trafficked post of the year. Here’s my thoughts on whether law firms should use Findlaw to build their websites.

3. Whether lawyers should use Justia for their website provider – You’re probably guessing a theme at what proved popular this year. Here’s the review of the website services offered by Justia. 

4. Why your law firm’s website gets no traffic – This post was highly popular and dove into the common mistakes found on attorney websites, regardless of provider. Here’s the mistakes you should avoid with your law firm’s website.

In January of 2015 I’ll again be reviewing the various website options for law firms. A lot has changed in the last year, regarding search, after all. Services I’ll be reviewing will include many of the ones from last year and I’ll be adding reviews for the website services of AVVO and Foster Web Marketing.