This week is going to be a break from our regularly scheduled programming as I’m finishing up some research for a new series I’ll be starting next week. The topic of my upcoming series is simple – how to become a millionaire lawyer. The goal of my upcoming posts is going to be to point out the things which truly get in the way of most lawyers’ success and to offer tips on clearing those roadblocks.

If you’re reading this blog then it’s likely because you want to make more money as an attorney. I get calls from firms all the time who want to grow their practice but they miss out on one very big point – the fundamental approach taken in most law offices is the biggest obstacle to building a true million dollar practice. As I wrote in my 30 days to a better law firm series, the traditional attorney business model (which firms have followed since we were citizens of England) makes no sense whatsoever. In spite of this, most in the profession just keep on ‘a truckin’ down the same old path. Making your business grow, in today’s environment, is going to require a new mindset and that you stop “thinking like a lawyer” when it comes to your business.

Those who follow the tips and ideas I’ll be laying out will wind up looking like this guy:

Man's hands holding dollar banknotes

Those who don’t will end up looking like this guy as they succumb to the struggles of the legal profession:

Man with no money

I’m pretty excited about this upcoming series. It will launch on August 23rd, 2016.