Arrow with the word strategyThis is the next post in my series on starting your new law firm – the right way. My last post looked at how attorneys should go about selecting employees. We’ve also looked at topics such as why lawyers should be choosing to start their own firms in 2015. In this article I’m going to look at an important topic – the maintaining of success once you’ve gotten the ball rolling in your new enterprise.

Maintaining success can be just as challenging as achieving it in the first place. When one is just starting up there is a lot of spare time that can be leveraged for tasks such as blogging, networking, and researching new business strategies (such as reading this fine blog). Once you get busy, however, those things can start to fall by the wayside. You may feel that you don’t have time to blog this week and, before you know it, you haven’t written a post in three months. You then say, I’m going to get back to blogging and by then your site has dropped in the search rankings. Keeping disciplined, and having a plan in place to stay on the ball, is the key to maintaining your new firm’s success.

I write, a lot, on how important blogging is to a law firm’s success. Blogging’s importance is only going to increase as time goes on. After all, there’s plenty of information out there for people to digest and you need a way to set yourself apart. Your blog is the place for you to do so. It’s important that you stick to your regular publishing schedule once you start seeing success in your practice. I strongly, strongly, strongly (strongly) suggest setting aside a block of time each week for when you’re going to write your manifesto blog articles and understand that such writing is something you can’t reschedule. There’s no way around that. If you want to be successful then keep with your blog. If you don’t want to be successful then……well…….ok.

Another key to maintaining success in a law firm is to continually focus on improving efficiency. It’s no secret that law offices are some of the most inefficient businesses in the history of capitalism. Establishing your initial success, in the new practice of law, means focusing on running your practice as a finely tuned business. As you grow, however, new issues will arise and new inefficiencies will be created. You need to have a constant focus on ridding your office of as many inefficiencies as possible. This helps you to avoid hiring people unnecessarily and helps to keep your overhead as low as possible.

The final bit of rambling advice I’ll give you is to remember that a lawyer is his or her own most valuable asset.  Many lawyers think that being the boss means hiring people to do their work and the firm’s owner, in turn, gets to sit at home and watch television all day. Taking that type of a mindset will put you well on your way to looking like this guy:

Crying business person

Businesses with absentee owners fail. That’s just the way it is. In spite of this simple truth, many lawyers think that they can get by by having others do all their work. They then blame others when they do fail. If you want to succeed then understand that you have to continue putting in the time once your successful. “Work” takes work and that is why you get paid for it.

As simple as these steps for continued success seem, you would be surprised at how many lawyers don’t follow them. The choice is yours.