Arrow with the word strategyThis is a quick follow up to my last post on why attorneys need to maximize their website’s layout. I decided to touch on this issue as I see many lawyers who fail to treat their website like a storefront. You wouldn’t stock your store’s shelves with items which wouldn’t sell so, in turn, you shouldn’t clutter your layout with items which people won’t click on. In this article I’m going to look at how you can alter your site’s layout to increase conversions.

Why is it important to increase conversions? The reason is simple. It’s one thing to get people to your site and it can be another to make sure those people actually contact you. An improved conversion rate can be achieved by correcting three mistakes which I commonly see. First, you need to have a consistent user experience on all of your pages, you need to make sure that certain content is easily accessible from every page, and people should have an easy way to contact you regardless of where they are on a given part of your site. Let’s look at how you can accomplish each of these steps.

When a potential client, or any other user, switches pages on your site then the navigation options and user experience should be the same from page to page. I say this because when someone moves from one experience/navigation option to another then they have to reorient themselves to your website. Studies have shown the short attention span people have in regards to the internet and delay of even one second can reduce your conversion rate substantially. In other words, the momentary distraction of someone having to reorient themselves can cause a significant number of people to leave your website as opposed to contacting you.

It’s also crucial that certain content be “front and center” on every page. These should include an “about us” video for your firm, a list of your blog categories, a search box so people can easily find content on your site, and a list of your most popular blog posts. On sites we manage as part of our attorney website and SEO services, we see these items regularly clicked on when made readily available to the user. This high click rate, in turn, means that people stay on the website longer. The longer people stay on your site then the more likely they are to become your client.

A final item to ensure that you increase conversions is to have a contact form which is on the screen regardless of where the client is on the page. Having a “floating” form means people don’t have to scroll up or down to contact you – they can easily do it from where they are and the option is never out of eyesight.

Want to increase conversions on your website? Make sure you have these items included in your layout. Feel free to chime in through the comment form below.