Watching time clockThis is the next post in my series on how law firms can quickly increase their revenue. My last article looked at how law firms can use their analytics to increase revenue. By using data, which most attorneys neglect, you can figure out what’s working and what’s not when it comes to your website. This will allow you to focus more of your resources on the things which work and to divert resources away from the things that don’t. Doing so will lead to you doing the happy dance while your competitors continue to wonder why they’re struggling. In this short post I’ll look at one of the biggest things hurting the revenue of many small firms – the number of hours an attorney puts in.

I speak with quite a few attorneys who consider themselves busy but, at the end of the day, don’t put in forty hours at work each week. Look yourself in the mirror and honestly answer whether any of these statements apply to you:

  • I don’t go into my office unless there’s something on my calendar
  • I pay an employee or associate to perform tasks even though I work less than forty hours a week
  • I do not keep a set office schedule which has me at work at least forty hours every week

These types of approaches are why most attorneys are broke. Think of it in three ways. First, just because there’s nothing on your calendar doesn’t mean that there’s nothing you can be doing on any of your cases. Being at work and getting case related tasks completed will help to wrap cases up faster which, in turn, increases the client’s level of satisfaction. Second, no employee is ever going to bring a level of care/devotion to a practice which they don’t own. It’s just not going to happen. Third, and again, if you’re not at work at least forty hours each week then the chances are there are things you could be getting done and you’re not.

How do these things impact revenue? Simple. They all move your cases along faster and enhance client satisfaction! Those satisfied clients will then be more likely to leave you good online reviews. Those reviews will lead to more good clients. Also, those satisfied clients are more likely to become referral sources. This is why, if you want to increase revenue, the first thing you should be doing is making sure you put in at least forty hours at the office each and every week. At the end of the day your revenue is going to be directly tied to the level of effort you put in.

Why do you think so many attorneys don’t see the connection between office hours and their revenue? Please chime in through the comment form below.