Increased quality inside of search boxLast week I wrote a quick article on how attorneys benefit by making their blog content useful to potential clients. One quick point in that article was that blogging on topics that your potential client base cares about will result in backlinks to your law firm’s website. I saw a great example of that this past week so I decided to write this follow up.

I’ve regularly stressed why attorneys should write their blog posts in the form of a series. This is useful to clients, which in turn makes your site relevant to search engines, because it allows you to provide a wealth of information on a given topic. One of our clients, who practices in the area of family law, recently wrote a comprehensive blog series on how Nevada’s medical marijuana laws will impact child custody. Shortly after this series was completed our client received a call from a new, online only, divorce magazine that provides “divorce resource” type information for Nevada residents going through a marriage dissolution. They had read his blog series and wanted to interview him on the topic of medical marijuana and child custody. The interview will be published on the magazine’s website soon and will include a link to our client’s website. In other words, providing content useful to potential clients has resulted in our client getting meaningful links which will, in turn, help his site in search results.

We have seen this type of approach result in meaningful links for several of our clients and a similar strategy resulted in high quality links to my law firm’s website when I was in practice. Again, the key is for your website to be useful to potential clients; for reasons beyond my understanding many attorneys advocate writing blog content for other attorneys. I couldn’t disagree with that position any more than I do.  But hey, what do I know? I’m just a guy who started a law firm in his living room in ‘06 and built it into a $1,000,000 practice by 2010.

There’s no shortage of ways in which you can make your blog useful to your potential client base. Here are some quick ideas:

  • Whenever a major decision is reached that changes the law then, quickly, do a comprehensive series on the topic. The key, however, is to write on how the decision impacts real people in everyday life. Again, you’re writing for clients and not for lawyers.
  • Be mindful of how events in the world impact people. For example, there’s been an increase in U.S. housing prices over the last few years. This has a big impact on issues such as bankruptcy, divorce, estate planning, etc. Write a blog series on how ongoing news stories, such as housing prices, impact real people.

Blogging on these types of topics will help you, in several ways to gain clients. This will be done by providing people with information that will make them see you as their “go to” source, by showing clients you can relate to them on a “non-lawyer” level, and by gaining links that boost your site in search.