This is the next post in my series on how attorneys can build up their referral base. My last article discussed why referrals are a lawyer’s most effective form of marketing. The fact of the matter is, and will remain, that getting cases through referrals (if done right) will always be more cost effective and time efficient than any other avenue. In this post I’m going to look at a point which many attorneys miss – the importance of your website when building or maintaining a referral base. Let’s get to it.

I’ve spoken with many attorneys who say “I get my cases from referrals” and that they feel as if they don’t need a high quality website. WRONG! What these attorneys fail to realize is that there are two types of referral clients. The first is the potential client who gets referred and comes to the attorney with their mind already made up – they are going to hire this firm. The second type, however, is different. These potential clients take the referral as a suggestion and then conduct some research before making a decision to hire the particular lawyer. A big, big, big, big (BIG) part of that research is examining the attorney’s website and other online profiles. In other words, those potential clients are doing diligent research just like this woman:

Woman doing research

People conducting this research, who don’t like what they find online, become less likely to call. In other words, if you don’t have a quality website then you’re likely losing out on referrals without even realizing it. The moral of the story is simple – have a good web presence if you “get your cases through referrals.”

Want to do better in terms of getting referrals? It’s important to recognize that your law firm’s website is a key part of the process. Why do you feel so many law firms miss out on this point? Please chime in through the contact form below.