Person holding moneyThis post wraps up my discussion on how law firms can quickly increase their revenue. I decided to discuss this topic because, for obvious reasons, every attorney wants to get more phone calls. The big problem, however, is that most law firms go about increasing revenue in some of the most inefficient ways imaginable. That approach leaves a lawyer with more revenue but not much more in the way of profits to show for it. This series was meant to point out some better ways to go about it.

I’ve looked at a number of topics over my recent posts. Issues included in this rant series included:

The big thing about the tips I laid out in these posts is that they are free. They cost zero, zip, zilch money. This means you can improve your revenue and most of that inflow will flow through to your bottom line. Lawyers who simply try to grow revenue by spending more on advertising will feel as though they’re running a treadmill – they put in a lot of effort but they don’t actually go anywhere. Want to up your cash inflows? Take a look at the tips above.