Video cameraLawyers regularly state that they want to receive more calls from potential clients. One of the biggest steps in making that happen is to focus on conversions. I discussed the need to improve conversions when I wrote on three ways for lawyers to get clients without increasing advertising. It goes without saying that, if you’re trying to increase business, the most efficient method is getting the people already visiting your site to pick up the phone and call. Picking a smart video strategy is one of the best ways to do that.

The benefits of a good video strategy are high. Potential clients are far more likely to feel a connection with an attorney who they see talking on the screen. This improved connection, in turn, makes the potential client much more likely to initiate contact as people will call the attorney they feel most comfortable with. Note, however, that these are the benefits of a good video strategy. You have an excellent chance to stand out from the crowd given that most attorneys, who try to do video, go about it incorrectly. Let’s take a look at how you can do things the right way. This requires you to focus on video which people want to see as well as distributing those videos in a way where people are likely to view them.

The main part of coming up with videos which people want to see is to speak on subject matter that the potential client is looking for. I regularly see attorneys who speak on subjects which the lawyer thinks are interesting and important. Here’s a news flash – people are more interested in what they want to see as opposed to what you want them to see. The best way to figure out what it is people want to see is to leverage your blog’s analytics. Take a look at your reports to see what your most popular blog posts have been over the last ninety days. If, for example, your most popular blog post is on the topic of “how drug use impacts child custody” then you know there’s interest in the subject and you should do a video on it.

The main part of getting your videos distributed is to get them in a place where you know people are looking. Your blog is the best place to do this since you are already going to use your analytics to determine what the popular subject matter is. Try this:

  • Once a quarter look at your analytics report and determine what the 3-4 most popular posts have been over the last 90 days.
  • Shoot an individual video for each of the 3-4 blog posts. For example, if one blog post is on “things to do before you call a divorce lawyer,” then do a video on that subject.
  • Insert each video into it’s respective blog post. This way someone who finds your blog post, via a search engine, is likely to watch the video while reading your article.
  • Repeat this process every three months.

Ever seen a law firm YouTube channel that has eleventy million gazillion bazillion videos on it and, interestingly, none of them have been viewed more than five times? Come on. You know you have seen such a channel. Following the strategy above will help you not be that guy.

One mistake to avoid is failing to work with a professional videographer. I often see lawyers who don’t work with a professional and, well, their finished product looks like it. By “working with a professional” I mean that you need to find a quality video producer who works independently from a studio and will come to you; someone with a studio will charge you a fortune. Finding a good local videographer allowed us to get this testimonial piece shot for $200:

The quality you’re going to get from working with a reasonably priced professional will far outweigh any cost.

For a few tips on how to do better in videos, and increase your conversions, here’s a talk I did on the subject a little more than a year ago:

Why do you think so many attorneys struggle with their video strategy? Chime in through the comment form below.