Online Marketing StrategyThis post kicks off a series on how you can build more backlinks to your firm’s website. Most lawyers who pay attention to web marketing understand that getting backlinks is highly important – the only problem is that they go about it all wrong and wind up doing more harm than good. Let’s spend some time together over the next week or two and talk about how 1) you can build links that will boost your site in search and 2) make sure those links aren’t spammy crap that will get you dinged the next time Google updates its algorithms. In other words, this series is meant to help you build lasting success for your law firm.

There’s one thing to understand if you’re a lawyer trying to get backlinks – getting links that matter requires some effort on your part and if you’re willing to put in that work you can get a boost in search that will stand the test of time as opposed to being short-term. Discussions over my next several posts are going to include:

If you want to get ahead of your competition in search, and stay there, then you’ll start doing the things on this list.

A big thing to understand is that, again, doing the things on this list is a little bit of work. That being said – nothing of value comes free. “Work,” after all, is work and that’s why you get paid for it. It’s not that other attorneys can’t do these things; many simply don’t and won’t do them. After you begin implementing the strategies in this series you’ll begin to see a boost in your website’s search performance. Many lawyers will ask how you did it and when you tell them they’ll still be unwilling to take these steps.

I started my law firm in my living room in August of ‘06 and generated over $1,000,000 of revenue by 2010. I did so by putting in a lot of the effort that you and I will talk about over the next several posts. When other attorneys asked me how I was building my firm so fast I openly told them the things I was doing and they chose not to copy any of those strategies even though it was right there in front of them. Doing these things will help put you in the lead to stay because others simply won’t be willing to put in the effort.

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