Person typing on smartphoneThis post is a quick break from my series on why attorneys should use G Suite in their practice. I felt it necessary to write a quick article on Google’s new “mobile first” approach which they announced last month. I’ve previously discussed how Google’s emphasis on mobile friendly websites. On November 4th, 2016 the search company announced a change to how it will go about ranking websites. This short post will let you know what your law firm needs to do in order to be ready for the change.

In a blog post on November 4th Google announced it’s new “mobile first” indexing approach. In other words, the search engine will now rely primarily on the mobile version of your site when determining the value which your content provides to end users. This is due to the fact that a majority of people are now performing searches from a mobile device as opposed to a desktop. If your site is using a “responsive design,” which is Google’s preferred approach, then your content will be identical regardless of whether someone is viewing your site from a mobile device or a computer. If, however, you rely on a “.m” approach to mobile (meaning that you have a second website for mobile devices) then this can impact your search rankings if your mobile content differs from that on your desktop website. Every project built through our attorney website design services uses the “responsive” framework which Google prefers. I do have to say that I am surprised by the number of law firm websites which still employ a “.m” approach to mobile.

If you already use a responsive design then Google’s new approach won’t impact you. If, however, you are using a “.m” approach to mobile then you should contact your webmaster asap as that’s going to impact your efforts at SEO.