Internet Search BoxGoogle has recently launched its own domain service as a competitor to options such as GoDaddy. I’ve been playing around with the service over the last few days and wanted to do a quick write up on it. While in the future I see a big potential for this service, at this early stage it’s not there yet.

The first thing that stood out to me in the service is that they are currently not supporting the new .lawyer and .attorney domains. In other words, at this time, you cannot buy these domains through Google. I’ve written on why these domains are going to become crucial for attorneys in the following articles:

Google is supporting many of the new extensions which came out this past October so I’m sure support for .attorney  .lawyer domains is on its way. At this time, however, these domains aren’t available. If you’re interested in picking up one of these domains then visit our page on picking purchasing a domain for your law firm.

The other current issue with Google’s new service is that support for Google Apps is not currently supported. Google Apps, the business version of services such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Drive, etc., is what I consider to be the best choice for law firm productivity software. Integration with Google Apps will be great because you can manage your domains from the same dashboard at which you manage your other Google Apps services. Once this support is added (Google says it’s coming) this will potentially be a game changer but, at this time it’s not supported.

Do I see a lot of potential in Google’s new service? Yep. Do I see a reason to use it at this time? Nope.