This post wraps up my brief series on how attorneys can get more out of G Suite. I decided to do a follow up to my discussion on why law firms should use G Suite, and not Microsoft Office, due to some questions I received on how lawyers can get more out of Google’s software. The big G’s office software, which I’ve personally used for years, can lead to increased efficiency, lower costs, less down time, and more profits. In other words, ditching Office for Google’s cloud offering can help you to look like this:

dollars on computer screen

While those who live in the past – you know, those people who still have a server, use Microsoft Outlook, and run all local software, wind up looking like this:

help for laptop

I hope you would rather be the former.

I looked at a few different topics over my recent articles. Those topics included:

One important point to take from these articles is the extent to which Google’s various services integrate with one another. This is important because such integration can dramatically increase efficiency in your firm. By reducing the amount of time you spend switching between applications, inputting data multiple times, and dealing with problems caused by local software you can make more of ‘da money. Getting more out of G Suite is an important step for attorneys who are trying to improve efficiency.

What steps are you taking to reduce software inefficiencies in your practice? Please chime in through the comment form below.