This post wraps up my series on why attorneys should be using G Suite in their law firms. I decided to write on this topic for a simple reason – making the switch will make your firm more efficient and, in turn, make you more profitable. The reason Google’s offering (formerly known as Google Apps) makes law firms more efficient is that the software runs entirely “in the cloud” and will not come with the downtime that attorneys experience from their pain-in-‘da-ass profit depleting servers. You will also find the software much easier to use and, since most legal professionals aren’t good with technology, you’ll spend a lot less time trying to figure out how to complete tasks. Finally, switching to G Suite allows you to consolidate down to a smaller number of vendors and to reduce some headaches. These are the reasons why making the switch will help you to look like this:

Happy computer users

While people who continue rely on Microsoft Office and other software will continue to look like this:

Woman frustrated with computer

I’m guessing you’d rather look like the former. Let’s wrap up this series up by discussing why G Suite is more secure than maintaining your own server and/or running local software.

I speak with quite a few attorneys who are nervous about putting their information in “the cloud.” One of their biggest concerns is security. If you employ the three tips for better law firm cyber security that I previously discussed, you’ll find that a cloud based infrastructure is much more secure than your current setup. Understanding why only requires one simple question – ask yourself, honestly, whether you think it’s more likely that Google’s servers will get hacked or that one of your employees will download malware onto your machine or manage to have their password stolen through a phishing scam. There’s two forms of cyber security – the human error portion and the back end portion. Following the three tips that I just linked to will help with the human portion and using G Suite is an improvement over your current back end.

Hmmm……so G Suite increases productivity and allows for better security? Sounds to me like you should be using it.

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