Man holding sign which says efficiencyThis wraps up my recent discussion on why lawyers should be using Evernote in their law firms. I went over a few different uses for the software and discussed the benefits of fully leveraging it. In this article I’ll recap what we’ve discussed and quickly mention why it’s time for lawyers to re-think their current software setup. Given that this article is being written as the year is closing out, now is a great time to start the migration of your law practice into Evernote.

We’ve looked at a number of uses for Evernote in your law office. Topics included:

One thing you’ll notice about these topics is that they cover different areas of your law office. Your file room, where all those paper files are housed, is one thing you have to manage. Managing your security is a second thing. Dealing with your case management software is a third thing. Few things increase efficiency as does the consolidation of your information/work processes into as few places as possible. Evernote allows you to achieve such consolidation with a few easy steps. So, in other words, if you want to work smarter instead of harder then start getting your information all in one place.

2014 is closing out and it’s time to re-think your firm’s current software setup. Ask yourself how your current list of applications and services came to be. Chances are you bought an app to do a particular thing, such as purchasing Outlook to manage your email and calendar. You then realized you needed another particular function served and you bought another app to do so. Over time you kept getting additional applications that integrate together in some ways but not in others. New services have come along, Evernote being one of them, which allow you to achieve a tighter level of software integration than what you currently have. December, the time at which this article is being written, is a slow time of year at many law firms so now is the perfect chance to make a change so you’re ready for January.

Ask yourself what would you want from your software if you were starting over from scratch. Then say “I want to do this by using as few applications as possible.” You’ll then realize that it’s time to replace much of your current software setup. While this might be a pain at first, the benefits of the switch over will increase the bottom line dramatically due to increased efficiency. In other words, as the new year rolls in you’ll be looking like this guy:

Raining Money

Are you using Evernote in your law practice? If so, how extensively is it the center of your workflow? Chime in through the comment form below.