Word of mouth on notebook with hand type on keyboardThis is the first post in a series on how attorneys can build a referral base for their law firm. This is an important topic as, when it comes down to it, no form of marketing is going to be as effective as building and maintaining a referral base. The big thing though is that most lawyers go about building their referral sources in the wrong way. This series is going to talk about how you can build, and maintain, things in the most efficient way possible.

I’ll be looking at a number of topics over my coming articles. Subjects I’m going to dive into include:

  • Why your referral base constitutes your most effective marketing
  • The importance of your website in maintaining a referral base
  • The best sources for attorneys to build up referrals
  • Why customer service will build your referral sources and serve as your best marketing
  • Common mistakes attorneys make when building up referral sources

Why is your referral base so important? Simple – it will keep on paying a dividend (meaning more clients) without you having to spend money on advertising. The thing is, however, most attorneys go about “getting referrals” in ways which aren’t time efficient and don’t yield maximum results. Following the tips I’ll be laying out in the coming discussions will help you get a leg up on your competition.