The word strategy under a magnifying glassThis post wraps up my series on how attorneys can build backlinks – the right way. I’ve gone over a number of ways in which you can boost your site in search. Let’s take a minute to recap what we’ve discussed. Let’s also take a look at why it’s important to build links in the ways we’ve talked about rather than by engaging in link schemes.

I discussed a number of topics over my last several posts. Ways that you can build links to your firm’s website include:

The common thread in all of these methods is that they require time and effort on the attorney’s part. These efforts, however, yield enormous benefits and provide a far better return on one’s time/money investment than do the other marketing efforts typically engaged in by lawyers. Following these methods will 1) put you ahead of your competition and 2) keep you there.

The reason these methods will result in lasting success is that most of your competition isn’t willing to put in the time necessary to implement them. Such people, instead, engage in tactics designed to get a large number of links while putting in minimal effort. There’s a big problem with that approach – IT DOESN’T WORK! Assuming that playing “link games” can get one a temporary boost in search (which is a big assumption), it won’t last. The reason for this is simple; Google’s algorithm updates are for the purpose of weeding out the riff raff that try to rank without generating the quality content that is deserving of backlinks. People who engage in link games are this riff raff. So, to put it simply, engaging in the methods that produce quality content will, in turn, result in quality links that will stand the test of time. This will make you immune from algorithm updates and help you look like this guy:

Raining Money

Just remember that “work” takes work – that is why you get paid for it.

I’m fully aware that most attorneys, and website owners in general, see it as the role of their SEO consultant to get backlinks. If you are hiring someone to manage your SEO efforts then ask them about their strategy for getting links. If they tell you any form of strategy, that doesn’t revolve around generating unique and quality content, then they don’t deserve any of your time. You need to be looking for someone who provides the type of strategy laid out over over my last several posts.

Why do you feel so many attorneys aren’t willing to put in the time necessary to earn links with quality content? Please chime in on the comment form below.