Website designThis post is being written to wrap up my discussion on how to build the best website for your law firm. I wanted to spend a few posts on this topic because I regularly see the same mistakes over and over when I receive calls from lawyers. The goal of my last several articles was to lay out some of the principles we follow when building a website as part of our attorney web design and SEO services. These principles have served our clients well since we launched this business. Hopefully our last several articles have shown that improving one’s web presence isn’t hard… all.

I’ve looked at a few different topics over the course of this series. These discussions included:

One thing I will add is that the practices I suggested throughout these articles differ from what you often see done in other law firms. I see this is as a good thing for two reasons. First, as I’ve said before, most attorneys will openly admit to being bad at business. Call me crazy, but I think it’s a good idea to say “I’m not going to pattern my marketing after that of people who admit to being bad at business.” Second, the principles I’ve discussed in these articles have served our clients well; a client who switched from FindLaw to our services received 203 organic web hits in April of 2015 (near the end of his time with FindLaw). In April of 2017 that attorney received 822 organic web hits. I think that 304 percent increase shows that we must have done something right on his behalf.

As 2017 closes out there will be many attorneys considering a new website for the new year. Make sure your developer employs the principles we’ve discussed in these articles.