NewspaperThis article continues my discussion on how attorneys can go about building backlinks the right way. My last article explained how attorneys can build backlinks by blogging about recent court decisions. This discussion is going to go over an area, which will result in backlinks, where many attorneys get it wrong – blogging about current events.

Lawyers regularly blog about current events but pick the wrong paparazzi driven celebrity gossip news to focus on. It’s understandable why one would think that summaries of Ray Rice’s legal issues or a Kardashian divorce are topics to blog about; people are paying attention to those issues in the media. However, those types of articles won’t produce the results you want. Your summary of Ray Rice’s issues is not going to be very different than that of the other trillion lawyers blogging on the same topic so there’s no reason for anyone to link to yours. The key to getting meaningful links is to blog on current events that impact your potential client base.

Lawyers benefit from blogging on current events that impact their potential clients’ situation

If you need current events to blog on then simply keep an eye on the news. The key is to turn on your “how something impacts my client base” filter. Clients of our attorney website design services are currently seeing good results with this approach. Here are a few examples:

  • One of our clients, who practices family law, posted a comprehensive blog series on how Nevada’s medical marijuana laws will impact child custody matters – this was timely because the first medical marijuana dispensaries are currently opening in Nevada.
  • Another Nevada family law client is currently posting a series on how home equity is divided in divorces – this is timely due to a large run-up in Las Vegas home prices over the last few years.
  • A bankruptcy client is currently posting on how the chapter 13 process can be used to deal with an auto-loan. This series was prompted by a CNBC news report about the growth of sub-prime auto lending an increasing defaults.

Each of these topics have something in common – they’re being covered in the news. Next time you’re watching the local news, national news, or reading the news then think of how the issues you are observing impact your potential clients; if a topic is worthy of making the news then that means it impacts real people.

Remember that someone will link to an article if it is useful. If you want something to be useful then people need to have a use for it – duh. Your potential clients, and other websites that care about your potential clients, have much more practical use for the kinds of issues above than they do for celebrity legal news. This type of approach is far more effective for earning meaningful links.

Blogging on current events helps an attorney better connect with clients

In addition to building links, blogging on relevant current events helps an attorney drive conversions. People are far more likely to contact a lawyer who speaks directly to their particular situation, and few attorneys do a good job of this; this is why I’ve previously written on how lawyers benefit by making their blog content useful to clients. It’s not that more law firms can’t regularly provide useful information about societal developments, they simply don’t. Taking this approach, again, will get you links and give your firm an SEO boost that will drive conversions as well.

Why do you feel so many attorneys don’t recognize the good blogging opportunities that appear in the news? Please chime in through the comment form below.