This post serves to wrap up and recap my discussion on how attorneys can build a multi-million dollar law firm. I wrote on this issue due to fact that the legal profession is currently being disrupted by a number of factors. This disruption is going to put a hurtin’ on many lawyers. The good news is that this disruption is also creating a period of opportunity which, in my opinion, the legal profession has never really experienced in its history. Attorneys who choose to seize this opportunity will wind up looking like this fine chap:

Man holding cash

While their competitors wind up hoarding spare change like this guy:

Man counting change

Personally, I would prefer being rich over being broke. So you may want to choose to look like the former.

I looked at a few different topics over my recent articles. These discussions included:

If there’s one point that should be taken away from these articles, it’s that there is nothing preventing you from building a wildly successful law practice. The attorneys who have such businesses, by and large, have achieved success as a result of the habits they keep. These habits largely relate to work ethic, hiring practices, and, crucially, focusing their time on the right things. Millionaire lawyers don’t follow these habits because they’re successful – they’re successful because they follow these habits. There is absolutely nothing preventing you from following these same habits. So, if want to get your income into seven figure territory, start making some change immediately. If you don’t, then don’t.

Why do you feel that more attorneys don’t try to emulate the habits of millionaire lawyers? Please chime in through the comment form below.