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Nicole Abboud – July, 2017 Attorney Of The Month

We’re incredibly excited to feature Nicole Abboud, of Abboud Media, as our July, 2017 attorney of the month. We recently featured Jared Correia of Red Cave Consulting to share his insights on how firms can be successful as the legal profession changes. This month we’re featuring Nicole to share her insights as to how attorneys can better leverage video as part of their marketing. Nicole is a former attorney who now assists law firms with leveraging video as a way of connecting with clients. Lets get to it. Please tell us about yourself, your background, and how you came to...

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Post Number 300!!!!!!!

This is post number 300 on our blog! When we launched this website in 2013 our goal was to provide value to the legal community and to help attorneys in growing their practices. Over the last four years we’ve received extensive feedback, and great comments, from the most important people – our readers. Your support of this blog is what has made our success possible and we could not be more thankful to all who take the time to peruse this website. If you ever wish to see a particular topic discussed on our blog then please contact us...

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Mid-Year Analysis Of The Legal Profession – Series Recap

This post wraps up my mid-year check in as to the state of the legal profession in 2017. This short series touched on a few topics which weren’t included in the series I wrote, earlier this year, on why there will be fewer law firms in the near future. The bottom line is that the legal profession is being disrupted in a big way. While many blogs and websites talk about things which impact the actual practice of law, such as innovations which are noticed inside a law office, most are ignoring the fact that the demand for legal...

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Demand For Legal Services Is Declining

This quick article is the next post in my discussion on the state of the legal profession halfway through 2017. My last article looked at how attorneys are being hurt by actions of various State Bars. It’s important that the profession and Bar Associations embrace technological change and see it as a new avenue for delivering legal services. Instead, some State Bars are taking steps to resist change and such steps never work out well for those doing the resisting. In this post I’ll take a quick look at why demand for legal services is quickly, quickly, quickly (quickly)...

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How Recent State Bar Actions Are Hurting Attorneys

This is the next post in my mid-year “check in” as to the state of the legal profession. My last article looked at recent actions by the ABA which may be hurting attorneys‘ ability to earn a living. By giving a new law school provisional accreditation the American Bar Association is helping to increase what is already an oversupply of lawyers. While private companies realize that they need to close stores when they have an oversupply, the ABA’s recent actions are equivalent to opening more locations when one can’t sustain the locations they already have. Last time I checked, such...

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