Author: Luke Ciciliano

Questions Which Attorneys Should Ask A PPC Manager

This is the next post in a series on my thoughts about pay-per-click for both lawyers and law firms. My last article looked at the problems with law firms using a PPC manager. The point I stressed in that article is that companies who manage such marketing campaigns can have a conflict of interest. Such a conflict can result in increased costs for lawyers. If you follow our blog regularly then you know that I strongly believe that attorneys should avoid pay-per-click altogether. It’s much better, instead, to invest in content which you own outright as such content will...

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Attorneys Should Update Their Computers And Devices Immediately

This quick article is being written to inform attorneys and law firms that they need to run immediate security updates on their various digital devices. On January 3rd, 2018 security experts found two major flaws in the architecture of microprocessors used in the overwhelming majority of the world’s digital devices. These two bugs, which are being referred to as “Meltdown” and “Spectre”could theoretically allow hackers to steal the entire memory contents of personal computers running Windows, Mac OS, or Linux, as well as the memory of mobile devices. At first it was thought that these issues were specific to...

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The Truth About Law Firm PPC Management

This is the next post in a series on my feelings about PPC for lawyers and law firms. My last article gave a quick overview of topics which this series will be addressing. I also explained how attorney profits have been declining even while the amount spent on law firm marketing has been increasing. I strongly, strongly, strongly, strongly (strongly) believe that relying on pay-per-click, especially when it’s being managed by a third-party, will only facilitate this trend. In short, letting a company manage your pay-per-click will leave you looking like this: While ol’ boy managing your PPC will...

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Happy Holidays From SEO For Lawyers

We at SEO For Lawyers are wishing all of our readers the best of holiday seasons. We will be on blogging hiatus through the end of the year and will be returning to our regularly scheduled programming on January 2nd, 2018. We hope you have a great Christmas and a wonderful new...

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The Truth About PPC For Lawyers

This is the first post in a series which will discuss what I consider to the “truth” about PPC for lawyers and law firms. I feel its really, really, really…(really) necessary to write on this topic because, to be blunt, I think attorneys get fed a lot of misinformation from companies who want to manage pay-per-click campaigns on their behalf. As a result, many firms wind up hiring a marketing company/website provider who’s about as reliable as the typical used car salesman. By understanding how PPC works, and what it does to a law firm’s bottom line, you can...

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