Author: Luke Ciciliano

Have A Content Strategy For Your Law Firm’s Website

This post continues my discussion on how to build the best website for a law firm. My last article looked at why attorneys must utilize data when building their website. Way, way, way, way (way) too many lawyers approve of a website’s layout simply because they personally think it looks cool and they include items in a navigation menu simply because they, the lawyer, think those items are important. The problem with this approach is that it amounts to showing potential clients the presentation that the lawyer wants them to see instead of providing a presentation which the potential client...

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Attorneys Must Utilize Data When Building Their Law Firm’s Website

This is the next post in my discussion on how to build the best website for a law firm. My last article discussed why attorneys must consider their website’s user experience. Way, way, way, way, way (way) too many lawyers build a website which they think looks cool but do not stop to consider how easy the site is for potential clients to use. Firms which focus on a clean and easy to navigate UI, and who focus on keeping it simple, will wind up looking like this woman:   While their competitors wind up having to raid the...

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Law Firm Websites Need A Good User Experience

This is the second post in my series on how to build the best website for your law firm. My last article gave an overview of topics which this series will rant about and also explained why the practices I’ll be discussing differ from what attorneys typically see in other law firms. For reasons way beyond my understanding, lawyers tend to pattern their marketing after what they see from other law offices. This is in spite of the fact that virtually every attorney will openly admit to being bad at business. Call me crazy but, as I’ve said before,...

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Attorneys Must Understand What Potential Clients Are Looking For

This post is a quick break from my series on how to build the best law firm website. I’m taking this break to share something I read this morning which drives home a point I try to make to attorneys all the time. That point is the fact that attorneys must stop and consider what it is people are actually looking for. Attorneys who take the time to consider such things will wind up looking like this: While their broke as a joke competitors wind up looking like this: I’ll make my point rather quickly. I’m currently reading a great...

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Building The Best Law Firm Website

This is the first post in what will be a manifesto discussion on how to build the best law firm website for your practice. I’m writing on this because, to be blunt, I see a large number of firms making the same mistakes over, and over, and over, and……you get it. The tips I’ll be laying out over the course of this series will a) help to convert more of your visitors into potential clients and b) increase your number of visitors. Making the right changes can help potential clients, viewing your site, to to look like this: While...

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