Author: Luke Ciciliano

Attorney Marketing Must Focus On Return On Investment

This is the next post my series on common marketing mistakes made by law firms. My last article looked at why attorney marketing must focus on what clients care about. A common blunder I see is lawyers focusing on things which do not impress potential clients. These things include fancy business cards, letterhead, and getting the endorsements of other attorneys. You’ll see your business quickly grow if, instead, you focus on building up online reviews from your former clients. The reason for this is simple – potential clients care a lot more about what their predecessors have to say...

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Attorney Marketing Must Focus On What Potential Clients Care About

This is the next article in my discussion on common marketing mistakes made by law firms. My last article looked at why lawyers shouldn’t pattern their marketing after that of other firms. The reason for this is simple; most attorneys openly admit to being bad at business but then model their practice after what they see in other law firms. Call me crazy, but I don’t see it as a good idea to pattern my business after that of someone who openly admits to being bad at business. Doing so, in my opinion, is a quick trip to a...

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Attorneys Shouldn’t Model The Marketing Of Other Law Firms

This is the next post in my discussion on common marketing mistakes made by law firms. My last article provided an overview of topics which this series will be addressing and stressed the need for lawyers to change their ways. It’s crucial that you not make mistakes in your practice which are common throughout the legal profession. The reason this is crucial is because, as I discussed in my series on why law firms are failing, the economics of being an attorney are changing rapidly. Things which firms used to be able to get away with, and still squeeze...

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Back Next Week

Given the disastrous situation that is occurring in Texas and Louisiana we understand that many people are focused on things other than work this week. We, therefore, will return to our regularly scheduled programming next week. If you haven’t yet donated to the Red Cross, as a way of supporting disaster relief, here’s the link:...

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Common Law Firm Marketing Mistakes

This post kicks off a series which will discuss common mistakes which law firms make in their marketing. I recently wrote a series of posts on how lawyers can immediately increase their revenue. My upcoming articles, however, are going to focus on the larger issues which law firms must tackle if they want to ensure their future success. The reason I say that these issues must be dealt with immediately are simple – as I wrote previously, a number of law firms are failing. Making the necessary changes will help you to look like this: While your competitors wind...

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