Author: Luke Ciciliano

The Importance Of SEO For Law Firms

This is the next post in my series which is meant to provide a practical guide on the subject of attorney SEO. My last article served as an overview of this series and stressed the need for lawyers to know what they’re looking for in a web company. Too often, legal professionals wind up falling for the pitch of a shady salesperson because they don’t know what to be looking for in a web company. By being able to distinguish fact from fiction you can avoid falling for the pitch of this guy: and you can make sure that...

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Attorney SEO – A Practical Guide

This is the first post in a series which is meant to serve as a guide on the topic of SEO for law firms. I decided to write on this topic due to the fact that we receive a number of calls from attorneys who do not know what to look for when deciding on a company to handle their website construction and search engine optimization. This is understandable given the high number of phone calls attorneys get from sleazy, shady, less than truthful representatives who claim that they “will get you to the top of Google.” When looking for...

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Successful Law Firm Marketing In 2017 – Series Recap

This is a wrap up to my series on how to successfully market your law firm in 2017 and beyond. I wrote on this topic because, for reasons I discussed in series on why law firms will fail in 2017, law firm marketing is going to become increasingly difficult. At the end of the day we’ll see that the firms which choose to go about it the “right way” will wind up looking like this: While those who keep on following the traditional approach to attorney marketing will hang out a sign which looks like this: Personally, I’d rather...

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Attorneys Must Use Analytics Data To Create Content & Video

This is the next post in my discussion on how attorneys can effectively market themselves in 2017 and beyond. My last article looked at how attorneys can get more online client reviews. It is absolutely crucial to understand that spending more money on marketing really isn’t worth it unless you have a good bank of reviews; a good online reputation is necessary for converting clicks into phone calls. In my humble opinion, attorneys who continue to ignore their online reputations are on a one-way trip to the Bankruptcy Court. In this brief article I will discuss how you must...

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How Attorneys Can Get More Good Client Reviews

This is my next post on how to successfully market a law firm in 2017 and beyond. My last article looked at why attorneys should leverage LinkedIn before attending networking events. While I know most lawyers believe that going to networking functions is an effective form of building referrals, the truth is that LinkedIn prevents a better networking opportunity than going to such events. In this article I’m going to look at a way to improve revenue that most attorneys (for reasons beyond my understanding) continue to neglect – getting good online reviews from clients. Getting more positive reviews...

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