This is the first post on what will be a discussion on why attorneys should use G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps) for email, calendaring, word processing, case management, etc. I’ve written before on why lawyers should switch from Outlook to Gmail. I’ve decided to write on the broader topic of completely switching to Google’s productivity software for one simple reason – it will increase efficiency and, in turn, make your firm more money. I’m going out on a limb that if you’re reading this blog you would rather have more of ‘da cash. If you’re not interested in making more money, growing your firm, and taking your practice to the next level then, well, you probably don’t need to read any further. Read on if you’re interested in looking like ol’ boy in this photo:

Man holding money

I share that photo because the amount of efficiency lost, to using local software, is staggering.

I’ll be writing on quite a few topics over my coming posts. Issues we’ll look at are going to include:

  • Why you will save money by ditching your outdated, pain in the ass, relic which sucks money out of your wallet office server in favor of web based solutions
  • Fully switching from Outlook to Gmail for email, calendaring, and contact management
  • Getting rid of Microsoft Office in favor G Suite’s applications for word processing, spreadsheets, and more
  • Getting rid of your bloated case management software (which actually isn’t making your life any easier) in favor of the more nimble options available for G Suite users
  • Getting rid of your billing software, which may or may not be integrated into your current case management solution, in favor of G Suite based applications.
  • Making G Suite more secure than your current office setup

The reasons for switching your practice over to Google’s platform are simple. You will greatly reduce IT costs, you will reduce the inefficiencies created when you try to integrate software from different vendors, you’ll spend far less time inputting data, etc. Most importantly, you will find yourself having almost zero downtime. Think of how often you have downtime in your office right now due to technical issues. Well, when you sit around twiddling your thumbs due to downtime you are actually just bleeding money. This series will help you make sure that doesn’t happen.

Want to make more money? Switch over to G Suite for the reasons I’ll be discussing. Many attorneys won’t take this step. Here’s your chance to increase your efficiency while other lawyers struggle.

If you require assistance with deploying G Suite in your law firm, the contact us online or by telephone.

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Update: On December 13th, 2016 we wrapped up this discussion on migrating your law firm’s infrastructure to G Suite. Each of the posts in this series may be viewed at the following links: