This is the next post in a series on my thoughts about the use of pay-per-click marketing by law firms. My last article looked at questions which attorneys should ask their PPC manager. Those two questions are simple. First, you should ask the company you work with whether they service attorneys with whom you compete. If the answer is “yes” then you need to consider the fact that your costs are likely being driven up while the company collects increasing fees. Second, you should ask the company about their plan for getting you off of pay-per-click in the long term. If they don’t have a legitimate plan then they’re really just acting as your long-term leasing agent, and making you a long-term renter of third party ads, in my opinion. Getting your firm off of pay-per-click as soon as possible can help your pockets to look like this:

Money in pocket

While your PPC reliant competitors are left looking like this:

Man holding out empty pockets

I’m assuming you’d rather look like the former. Let’s get to it.

Those who regularly follow our blog know that I often rant and rave about discuss the fact that attorneys should avoid pay-per-click altogether. If you are going to use it as a marketing option then you should be doing so with the idea of getting away from it is as soon as possible. Here are a few quick tips on how to do so

The quickest way to improve your revenue, while reducing what you spend on paid search marketing, is to focus on conversions. By this I mean that it is best to make sure that you’re turning the phone calls you’re currently getting into potential clients. I broke down the math as to how this can increase profits in my article on how improving conversions will quickly increase a law firm’s bottom line. I won’t re hash that article here. There’s one point I will make without trying too sound to crude………….screw it, I’ll go ahead and sound crude. That point is the fact that virtually every firm I’ve ever dealt with thought they were doing a great job at conversions and virtually none of them actually were. We’ve worked with law firms that have seen their revenue as much as triple by simply changing up how they answer/manage their incoming phone calls. This means that a firm in such a situation could actually decrease what they spend on pay-per-click marketing, and increase revenue, by simply converting the incoming calls they already receive.

A second part of increasing revenue, while decreasing what you spend on marketing, is to regularly get good online reviews from former clients. I’ve written before on how attorneys can get good online reviews. In that article I broke down the math of how having good online reviews will turn more website visitors into potential phone calls. This means you can keep your call volume where it is, and decrease your expenses, by simply getting more online reviews (which doesn’t cost you anything). If you are paying for marketing, and are happy with your current business levels, then you can decrease your overhead by getting more reviews. If you are paying for marketing, and want more business, then you should focus on reviews before you increase your advertising spend.

Why do you think so many attorneys focus on increasing advertising before they look at their conversion rate or online reviews? Please chime in through the comment form below.