Typing on computerThis is the first post in a series which will discuss how attorneys can get more out of G Suite, which is Google’s answer to Microsoft Office. Earlier this year I discussed why lawyers and law firms should use G Suite rather than Office. Those discussions proved rather popular and I’ve received some requests to expand upon those discussions. My previous series discussed why G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps) is the best alternative and spelled out some basics on how to migrate your practice over to Google’s platform. This series will help you to start leveraging some of the platform’s advanced features in order to improve your productivity.

I’ll be looking at a number of topics over my coming articles. Topics in this series will include:

  • Integrating Google Keep into your law practice
  • Leveraging G Suite on mobile devices
  • Using the Google Apps Marketplace

I’m looking at these topics for a few reasons. First, Google Keep is a great option for replacing those post-it/sticky notes that you have all over your desk. You know….those notes that you jot stuff down and then lose? Keep allows you to actually find that information immediately and it will keep your desk from disappearing under all those little pieces of paper. Second, Google’s communication features can really streamline the number of apps you need in order to have all your office information at your fingertips. Third, there are many great apps in the marketplace which can help a law firm.

Are you wanting to make your law firm more efficient (which is important to increasing profits)? If so then plan your migration to G Suite and pay attention to my coming articles (yes, there’s a little self promotion there). If you don’t want to be more efficient then just keep on truckin’ down your current path.