This is the next post in my discussion on how attorneys can get more out of G Suite. My last article looked at how lawyers should use Google Keep to replace post-it notes. Using Google’s quick note app can help you find the desk you own…you know, that one hiding under all those sticky notes? In this short article I’ll mention a few quick points on how G Suite and its associated services allow you to be productive while on the go. Making maximum use of the time you spend waiting at Court, or elsewhere, can you help you to look like this:

smartphone productivity

While your competitors wind up being non-productive during that “away from the office” time and, as a result, they look like this:

Bored people

The former is making money while away from his desk. The latter people are not. Here are a few quick tips for making sure you’re the former.

Attorneys need to leverage Google Reminders while on the go

In my last article I went over one of the best features of Google Keep – it’s “reminders” function. This function is also integrated into Google’s Calendar app and it can be especially powerful if you use it while on the go. Say, for example, that you’re clearing out email on your phone while waiting for Court. You read an email from Joe Client and realize that you need to call him when you get back to the office. You’re afraid that you might forget to do so since you come up with five other “to do’s” while going through your mail. All you need to do is open Google Calendar and hit the plus button. The option to add a reminder will come up. Hit “add reminder,” make a note to “call Joe,” and set a time. The reminder will then use the “to do” functionality I described in my last post. If you’re using an Android phone then this functionality will come pre-installed. If you’re using an iOS device then you would want to install Google’s calendar app (which you should be using anyway since you’re using G Suite).

Another great feature of Google’s software is how well it handles and processes voice commands. If you’re on the go, and need to remind yourself to do something, then you can simply open Google Assistant and say “remind me to call Joe when I get to the office.” When you walk in your office door you’ll then get a notification on your phone reminding you to call Joe. As with other reminders, it will stay in place until you check it off as completed. To enable this type of functionality simply make sure you have Google Assistant installed on an iOS device (it will come pre-installed on Android).

You may be thinking “Siri can do these things on iOS.” Technically that’s true but, as anyone who’s tried to use Siri extensively knows, it’s really unreliable. Google Assistant, by contrast, is remarkably accurate at these types of tasks.

Attorneys should leverage the mobile apps which integrate into G Suite

I’ve written on how attorneys can replace their case management software with G Suite and its associated apps. Those associated apps include ToDoist for task management and Harvest for time keeping. Both of these services have excellent mobile applications for iOS and Android. This makes managing tasks and tracking your time super easy while on the go.

Obviously your phone’s primary purpose is always going to be as a communications device. Using the features I’ve discussed allows you to be productive while out in the field. You can read an email from a potential client, use Harvest to track your time spent on reading and responding to the message, set a reminder of email related actions you need to take when you get back to the office, and assign out a task through ToDoist. In other words, you can fully manage the various tasks that flow from going through your email as opposed to simply reading and responding to messages. This saves you from having to perform all those extra tasks when you get back to the office.

Want to be more productive while on the go? Leverage the G Suite features I’ve described above. If you don’t want to be productive then…..ok.