This is a quick post in my series on the state of law firm marketing in 2015. My last article looked at five ways for attorneys to market their firms in the modern economy. The tips provided in that discussion are things any lawyer can do. The truth, however, is that most will choose not to do those things and their poor choices create a great opportunity for you to grow your practice. In this article I’m going to discuss something that, unfortunately, I find gets lost on most attorneys – the fact that you don’t get to choose the state of legal marketing.

I regularly deal with lawyers who don’t work to build a bank of quality online reviews, who don’t blog, and don’t do many of the other things one needs to do to be successful. I find it especially interesting in regards to why many attorneys choose not to actively try to get online reviews; I’ve spoken with many lawyers who think it is “unfair” or otherwise don’t like the fact that people can go on a site such as AVVO and leave a bad review for the attorney. Because of this dislike, many attorneys choose to ignore various online review sites. These types of discussions make me wonder if these same people still have a music library made of cassette tapes because they thought compact discs (we won’t even discuss digital music) were “stupid.” Such people probably have a music collection that looks like this:

Retro Cassettes

Well here’s a news flash which applies to both your listening pleasures and your law firm’s marketing – THE WORLD IS GOING TO CHANGE WHETHER YOU WANT IT TO OR NOT! The choice you have to make is whether you want to go along for the ride or be left behind.

A key point in any business, law firms included, is that you have to market to the world as it exists and not as you would like it to exist. The fact that you may think review sites are somehow unfair is irrelevant. Consumers are going to use them and your practice is going to be impacted as a result. Your choice is whether you choose to be negatively impacted or positively impacted. Likewise, how you choose to digest information, and you think other people should be digesting information, is irrelevant. Your choice is to recognize how other people absorb ‘da 411 and deliver the specific information that people are looking for in that manner. The attorneys who recognize these things are going to be the one’s who wind up looking like this:

business man hug money

Those who continue to think that the world should exist as they would like it to will wind up looking this:

Man counting pennies

The moral of the story is that to do well you have to recognize what is important to the consumers and provide it. This means providing the type of information through your blog that they will be looking for. It also means earning and acquiring the quality online reviews that they will use to “vet” you before making the decision to call. It also means providing a high level of customer service once they become your client.

Again, the good news for you is that other attorneys could do these things……they simply won’t. Are you going to take advantage of this opportunity? It’s up to you.

Why do you feel so many attorneys choose to ignore things, such as review sites, which are important to the consuming public? Please chime in through the comment form below.