Facebook LogoOn March 19th, CNET reported that Facebook has been alerting owners of company pages that the organic reach of their posts will be decreasing over time due to changes in the way that Facebook ranks pages. I recently wrote about how Lawyers can get more out of Facebook. Given that many people are interpreting Facebook’s changes as a reason to abandon the service, I decided to write on why it remains a great opportunity for attorneys to establish their brand.

As I’ve discussed previously, many attorneys go about “branding” themselves on Facebook in a poor manner and, as a result, see little value in the service. It’s not that their Facebook page is of low value; they’re simply doing a poor job of promoting it. I provided tips for attorney Facebook promotion in a recent post.  Many lawyers who have not gotten much value from Facebook are seeing the company’s recent algorithm change as a validation to not focus on the service. Abandoning Facebook, however, is a huge branding mistake.

Attorneys can maximize their Facebook exposure by adapting their approach to fit the new algorithm

Facebook Thumbs UpI find it interesting that people marketing their business online recognize the need to conform their web approach to Google’s always-changing algorithm. Many of these same people, however, see Facebook changing its algorithm as a reason to abandon the service. This in response to the company saying that many of the posts that those Page owners have previously published will only continue to reach followers if the Page owner pays for promotion. At the same time, however, the company gave examples of other types of posts that are more likely to be shown to potential viewers. In other words, all Facebook said was for people to change their approach and they can continue to have a good reach. This is no different than when Google changes an algorithm and people adapt their websites accordingly.

Darren Rowse is one of the most influential bloggers in the world. He recently increased his Facebook reach and engagement by 200-300 percent. He did so by focusing on the types of content that Facebook is encouraging Page Owners to share. In other words, he adapted to the new algorithm rather than throwing his arms in the air, saying “I quit,” and abandoning Facebook. Attorneys should focus on Facebook as a branding tool, as I’ve discussed recently, and follow a strategy that is consistent with the company’s new algorithm.

Attorneys and law firms can grow their Facebook following by making their content of value

I talked at length in my previous articles on the type of content approach that will help brand your firm online. The approaches I mentioned will go a long way towards building your reputation and validating your firm in the eyes of potential clients. The one thing I’ll re-stress in this article, however, is to not simply make your Facebook page a place where you share your blog posts. You need to ensure that you share things relevant to your law firm’s niche that are useful to people on a daily basis or that people are passionate about. Doing so is a key to driving engagement and branding.

Why do you think so many attorneys are quick to dismiss the use of Facebook in light of the algorithm change? Please chime in through the comment form below.