This is the first post in a series that will be looking at the various website design options available to attorneys in 2015. I reviewed quite a few options last year in a similar discussion. In that series I looked at the following:

We’ve received quite a few requests over the last year to review additional services. Given these requests, plus the fact that search is something which changes frequently, we’ve decided to do a fresh “options for 2015 series.” Our goal with this series is to make sure that, when hiring someone to build your website, you’re armed with the information you need to hire this guy:

Professional developing a website plan

So you can later start to look like this guy:

Main and raining moneyCompanies we’ll be looking at, which hold themselves out as catering to the website needs of attorneys, include Justia, AVVO, Scorpion Web Design, Foster Web Marketing, and Findlaw. I’ll be evaluating each of these services under the same criteria. The factors I’m going to look at will be:

  • Cost and the level of service received for that cost
  • The extent to which your firm can expect to do well in organic search
  • The extent to which a company is keeping up with the changing web environment
  • The process which a firm must go through in establishing their website and the ease of that process

Before launching into the reviews, I’m going to do a few posts which will look at a things to consider when hiring a web developer. Are you using a company which caters to attorneys for your website? If so then please share your experience in the comment form below.